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Giraud, Jean

Tagged: Art

(1938-2012) French artist, best known by his pseudonym Moebius, who also drew as Gir and for a period lived in the United States. Staggeringly prolific and remarkably inventive, Giraud was long considered one of Europe's major talents, and his loose, eloquent line style influenced an entire generation of fantasy and sf artists. Born near Paris, he displayed from childhood a love of illustration; his early influences were classic American Comic strips and the engravings of Gustave Doré. After attending the Ecole des Arts Appliqués from 1954 to 1956, he wrote and drew a Western comic strip before being drafted into the French army, serving therein until 1960. He then worked as an assistant to...


Tagged: Game

Videogame (1988). Superior Software. Designed by Peter Irvin, Jeremy Smith. Platforms: BBCMicro (1988); Electron (1989); Amiga, AtariST, C64 (1991); CD32 (1995). Exile is an example of a Videogame form which was popular in the UK during the 1980s, but rare elsewhere and hardly seen since, that of the "arcade adventure". In works of this type, solving physical puzzles is combined with the reflex and coordination based jumping and fighting gameplay which is characteristic of "platform games" (see Videogames). The first such work may have been Adventure (1980 Atari, AtariVCS; 2008 iOS) designed by Warren Robinett, a distant descendant of the original text Adventure which transposed its ancesto...


Tagged: Publication

Australian sf Semiprozine which could claim at the time to be the only one in Queensland. It was produced by Erika Lacey of Woodbridge, Queensland with the assistance of Jason Kennedy, with Vincent Watego as art editor and, from issue #2, Robert N Stephenson (see Altair) providing the layout. It ran for four quarterly issues dated January to September 1999, though the first issue was distributed from November 1998. It was a slim, digest-size, side-stapled format into which were squeezed seven or eight stories per issue plus articles, reviews and artwork so, of necessity, most material was brief and generally light, although as issues progressed darker material emerged. Two stories stood out:...


Tagged: Theme

Sf literature and theatre have much in common, as both rely heavily on the audience's imagination, yet the two forms have rarely been combined in a significant dramatic work. The principal reason seems to be a widely held assumption that the theatre, with its physical limitations, cannot plausibly present the fantastic vistas which sf writers envision. "Writing an sf play is a bit like trying to picture infinity in a cigar box," Roger Elwood declared in his introduction to Six Science Fiction Plays (anth 1976), then and for several further decades the only such anthology in existence; its successor is Geek Theater (anth 2014) edited by Jen Gunnels and Erin Underwood, collecting fifteen sf an...

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